About Us

Dravon Medical was founded in 1974 for the purpose of supplying propriety disposables for the treatment of kidney disease. Under new ownership in 1990, Dravon moved away from most dialysis products and became a service-oriented enterprise. Dravon now manufactures custom medical bags for other companies.

Dravon does not compete with its customers. Dravon does not manufacture a like product that it manufactures for its customers. All work at Dravon is done on a confidential basis. Customer names are not provided to anyone outside of the company.

Dravon is an FDA registered medical device establishment, registration #3021643. Further, Dravon is certified to ISO 13485:2003 and EN ISO 11135:2012.

Quality Policy – Dravon has made a commitment to provide products and services of the highest quality to its customers, on time, every time. Dravon will strive to accomplish this by making each employee responsible for quality workmanship through training, recognition, and by providing the best possible working environment.

Our Facility – Dravon’s manufacturing plant is located fifteen miles southeast of Portland, Oregon.