Custom Medical Bags

Dravon specializes in manufacturing custom bags that meet the needs of some of the world’s largest health care providers. These RF sealed bags range in use from drainage collection and fluid administration to complex blood-handling applications. All work at Dravon is done on a confidential basis. Our customer’s tooling and designs belong exclusively to them. We will not compete with our customers in the marketplace nor would we offer a customer’s design or tooling to any third party. Many customers rely on Dravon not just for bag production but also for contract assembly services required to deliver all phases of a finished product.


  • Experienced technical support staff
  • Radio frequency welding
  • Prototypes to finished products
  • Die and port tooling design
  • Coordination of tooling fabrication
  • RF testing of various materials
  • Short runs at realistic prices

Free Available Tooling

Take advantage of a variety of bag tooling we have on hand. These bags are a great place to start development. By using existing tooling, you can save on initial prototyping costs. We have several bag tooling designs to choose from.  View Available Designs

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