T-Clamp Specifications

Cleaning/Disinfecting and/or Sterilization

T-Clamps can be cleaned using warm water and a detergent, such as Alconox®, mixed in a sonic cleaner. In addition, cold disinfectant solutions, such as Cidex®, can be used to disinfect T-Clamps during a soak. Some solutions, such as bleach, can cause discoloration of the plastic and erosion of the metal rivet. Whenever possible, follow medical device cleaning protocols in your facility, as well as warning labels on cleaning solutions to prevent or minimize damage during the process. After a cleaning/disinfecting procedure, the T-Clamp may be sterilized. Dravon maintains test data related to the autoclave and EtO method of sterilization on file.

Limited Warranty

Dravon warrants that each T-200 Clamp is free from defects in material and workmanship. The T-Clamp is intended for use on drapes, towels and sponges at operating temperatures above freezing. Please refer to the Directions for Use provided in each case of T-Clamps for additional information. Dravon does not warrant reused clamps.


The T-Clamps will perform at maximum strength when used for the first time. With any plastic device, repeated exposure to heat and chemicals during the cleaning/disinfecting and/or sterilization procedure will cause a loss of clamp strength over a period of time. You must remain alert for any weakness that may occur if this clamp is reused.

Do not use T-Clamps to occlude tubing. Use Dravon’s A-Clamp for this purpose.

Ordering Information

Specify sterile or non-sterile

Catalog No.Item DescriptionQty Per Case
T-200 *Non-sterile**100 each
T-200-2Sterile 2/per pack50 each
T-200-5Sterile 5/per pack50 each

* Also available in starter packs of 25 each and in bulk-packed quantities of 500 each or more.

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