Trusted by leading hospitals and healthcare facilities, Dravon Medical T-Clamps reliably secure towels, drapes, and sponges. Their unique design is lightweight and sturdy, and places a strong emphasis on ergonomics allowing comfortable use in diverse applications. The most important features and benefits of Dravon’s T-Clamps are:
  • Visible on x-ray (rivet) – important safety feature for clamping sponges, towels, and drapes in case they need to be located
  • Lightweight – easier to manipulate and reduced weight hanging from sponges, towels and drapes
  • Inexpensive – offset and larger jaws much less expensive to manufacture than metal clamps
  • Provided sterile and non-sterile
Non-Invasive Device

Dravon T-Clamps are the solution of choice among healthcare facilities when it comes to effectively securing towels, drapes, and sponges. Integrating a special nylon construction, the T-Clamps are not only strong, but lightweight too. Without sacrificing quality, the T-Clamps deliver the functionality of the metallic clamps, at a fraction of the cost and weight. The T-Clamp has sturdy, ribbed jaws and interlocking ratchet teeth designed to obtain and maintain a firm grip on medical textile products. In addition, the clamp is ergonomically designed to make it quick and comfortable to use. The T-Clamps have an aluminum rivet allowing visualization on x-ray, which is an additional safety feature if towels and sponges need to be located in the surgical field. Finally, tests conducted on our T-Clamps show they may be disinfected, sterilized and reused. 

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What is the T-Clamp?

What is the T-Clamp

Dravon Medical’s “True Blue” T-Clamp is a medical device that is designed to be utilized in both invasive and non-invasive medical procedures. The T-Clamp is designed with offset jaws and a larger and textured jaws area in order to securely grip medical textiles and be able to hold them at an angle (or from the side). Besides its utilization in operating rooms, it may also be used for non-invasive procedures in clinics or even private doctor’s offices.



The T-Clamp’s medical device manufacturing process ensures it is visible on x-ray scans. This is critical during surgical operations, as the supporting medical staff and doctors may have difficulty accounting for all the sponges and towels utilized. Sponges are a foreign body, and when left in the body can lead to consequences such as infection, obstructions, fistulas, and other major problems. Fortunately, the T-Clamps are easily detectable on x-ray and staff can locate and remove them before they harm the patient.



The T-Clamps are designed to secure towels, sponges, and drapes. With sponges, the T-Clamps allow the user to grab and manipulate the sponges and towels at the site of application. In addition, the aluminum rivet allows the clamp (and secured sponge) to be visualized x-ray and located if necessary. Drapes can be utilized to cover areas on the patient’s body. Patients are typically draped to cover areas around the medical treatment site to prevent bacteria, foreign material, biological materials, etc. from contaminating the site and from traveling to a new site. The T-Clamps help secure the draping of the area in a custom, tight-fitting fashion.


Secondly, the T-Clamp is constructed of a lightweight reinforced nylon and aluminum rivet. In comparison to other metal alternatives, it is light and easy to manipulate. This lightweight construction also ensures minimal weight hanging from the secured materials when the user lets go of the clamp. This could be particularly useful when securing drapes around a patient or piece of equipment.

In comparison to metal clamps, plastic medical devices such as the T-Clamps are very affordable. They can be manufactured at a fraction of the cost of the metallic alternatives. It is important to note that metal medical clamps also must be maintained and cleaned over time, while a fresh set of T-Clamps can just be taken out of the box ready to use. Despite the plastic construction, the T-Clamp still effectively secures sponges, towels, and drapes.

Lastly, Dravon Medical makes T-Clamps available in either sterile or non-sterile options. If you prefer the non-sterile option, you may clean, disinfect and steam sterilize them for use or re-use in a convenient and hassle-free manner. Dravon Medical T-Clamps are also available in sterile packaged form, which obviates the need to clean and sterilize the clamps prior to a medical procedure. Dravon has validated that the T-Clamp can be safely sterilized using either steam autoclave or EtO methods. For non-sterile T-Clamps, Dravon Medical offers cases of 100 clamps, starter kits of 25 clamps, and bulk-packaged quantities of 500 or more. For the sterile T-Clamps, Dravon offers cases of sterile packs with two or five clamps per pack.

Technical Information

T-Clamps can be cleaned using warm water and detergent, such as Alcanox mixed in a sonic cleaner. In addition, cold disinfectant solutions, such as Cidex®, can be used to disinfect T-Clamps during a soak. Some solutions, such as bleach, can cause discoloration of the plastic and erosion of the metal rivet. Whenever possible, follow medical device cleaning protocols in your facility as well as warning labels on cleaning solutions to prevent or minimize damage during the process.After a cleaning or disinfecting procedure, the T-Clamp may be sterilized. Dravon Medical maintains test data related to steam autoclave and EtO sterilization on file.

T-Clamps have been tested to ensure they can be cleaned, sterilized, and used up to five times. T-Clamps will have maximum strength when used for the first time. With any plastic device, repeated exposure to heat and chemicals during the cleaning, disinfecting and/or sterilization procedure will cause a loss of clamp strength. Make sure to check the clamp carefully for damage and wear after each use and clean/sterilization cycle.

Dravon warrants that each clamp is free from defects in material and workmanship. The T-Clamp is intended for use on drapes, towels, and sponges at operating procedures above freezing. Please refer to the Directions for Use provided in each case of T-Clamps for additional information. Dravon does not warrant reused clamps.

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