Tooling Available for Prototypes

Dravon Medical focuses on the production of custom medical bags for its clients on an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) contract basis. This manufacturing solution is specifically suited for medical device companies who lack the production capacity to manufacture their own products in a cost-effective and affordable manner.

To assist customers in their development process, Dravon maintains in-house tooling for a variety of bag shapes and sizes. These bags and the tooling to produce them are not finished products but rather components that can be useful to OEMs during the early stages of a design process, enabling prototyping work prior to committing to the time and expense of building customized tooling.


Custom Medical Bags

The bulk of the work Dravon Medical undertakes lies in the manufacture of custom medical bags for its clients from all over the world. While we offer our own products of this nature, they often serve as building blocks or even templates for producing medical bags for our customers on an OEM basis. One of the greatest benefits of this particular manufacturing arrangement is time efficiency, from the design phase to the delivery phaseAlso, the clients are not required to purchase their own tooling dies if Dravon Medical has tooling available that meets their design needs. Besides saving time, this solution can also serve clients who prefer making low-volume orders. For example, this solution may eliminate the need for a customer to purchase a $12,000 tool to manufacture 1,000 parts. Instead, they can manufacture the 1,000 parts in short order, and cut down on the overall production cost and timeline. 

Custom Medical Bags

Custom Medical Bags: Options

Our custom bag sizes tend to vary in accordance with the clients’ unique needs and preferences. The most popular sizes include 100ML, 250ML to 500ML, with one or two ports depending on the application. Click here for tooling options available from Dravon Medical.

Dravon manufactures bags from PVC, non-DEHP (di (2ethylhexyl) phthalate) PVC, or even PVC-free materials such as EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). DEHP is a phthalate chemical additive used to make PVC and other plastics flexible, and exposure to it has been shown to increase the risk factors of cancer and birth defects.  There is an increasing trend towards the use of non-DEHP and DEHP-free materials.  Dravon Medical products are manufactured in a clean room and can undergo sterilization processes safely.

Custom Medical Bags: Design Prototyping

Dravon Medical frequently works hand in hand with medical device designers who wish to leverage our expertise to create prototypes. Dravon has sales engineers who are very knowledgeable and experienced in radio-frequency (RF) welding. We concentrate on delivering a proofofconcept prototype to show the client what the end product will look like and how it will perform. This makes prototypes very affordable and gives the customer the assurance how it will work, prior to investing in a tool. Also, many clients approach Dravon Medical with their original idea and we help them in making the necessary modifications to make the product more manufacturable and cost-effective to manufacture.

Design Prototyping

Custom Medical Bags: Delivery Timelines

The timeline from concept to part delivery depends on a number of factors. This can include where the client is located and the production pipeline they envision. It may also depend on whether the customer opts to use Dravon’s tooling designs or their own custom design. For a custom design, Dravon will manage the development of the tool(s) for the customer. We then conduct process qualifications to make sure the design meets the finished product specifications

custom bag delivery times

Custom Medical Bags: Printing

Dravon Medical makes use of a dry printing process known as hot stamping for printing on custom medical bags.  Hot stamping can be used to apply the client’s logo, graphics, or other related artworks and instructions onto the medical bag via heat and pressure. One of the benefits of hot stamping is it enables the customer to improve the appearance of their medical bags without having to commit to large minimum quantities necessary for fully printed projects. Dravon Medical’s hot stamping and its willingness to perform low minimums make this solution more appealing for clients who wish to perform short production runs.

Custom Medical Bags: Low Volume Runs

Anything below 5,000 parts is regarded as low volume in this industry. However, Dravon Medical is willing to commit to runs of 500 or 1,000 parts or even fewer. Our willingness to manufacture low-volume production runs appeals to many customers because most larger medical devices manufacturers are not willing to do short runs. Dravon’s available tooling and the hot stamping capability make us an ideal choice for low-volume runs of custom medical bag assemblies.

Radio Frequency (RF) sealing

Custom Medical Bags: Quality Requirements

Dravon Medical focuses on the bag’s weld strength and integrity. To this end, Dravon conducts a pressure leak test to ensure the bag is leak-free especially in the areas around the ports where leaks are most likely to occur. Dravon performs tensile testing to ensure the weld strength exceeds the strength of the film and performs the requisite dimensional inspections. We also assemble, inspect, and test tubing, fittings, and couplings for each design in accordance with the client’s unique specifications. Dravon Medical’s quality system is certified to ISO 13485 in order to ensure the highest level of quality for medical devices.

Quality Requirements

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