Our Products

      Made in the USA

Dravon Medical is a medical device manufacturer of high-quality custom medical bags, which are offered primarily on an OEM basis.

The RF-welded and sealed medical bags that we offer range in use from simple drainage collection to highly advanced blood handling applications. They can be used as reagent bags, plasma bags, solution bags, drainage bags, fluid collection bags, and so on.

We are extremely proud to also manufacture and market our own line of “True Blue” disposable medical clamps. Our True Blue A-Clamp is a hemostat used by medical personnel to occlude medical tubing. The Dravon True Blue T-Clamp is designed to grip towels, drapes, and sponges. Healthcare providers, medical device distributors and medical bag manufacturers trust Dravon to always deliver high-quality products at competitive prices.

Dravon Medical specializes in medical device manufacturing solutions for small to large companies within the healthcare industry. Our customers not only rely on Dravon Medical for custom medical bags but also for contract assembly & packaging services.