About Us

Who We Are

Dravon Medical has concentrated its focus on providing quality since 1974, and our expertise has enabled us to meet the needs of a wide range of customers, from major medical products companies to small start-ups and entrepreneurs that need a trusted partner to transform their ideas into finished products of the highest possible quality. 

Our Team

Mike Napoli 

Mike has been President and CEO of Dravon Medical since 1991. Prior to joining Dravon, Mike was President of Audiscan Corporation, a publicly traded holding company based in Bellevue, Washington. Mike has an accounting degree from Seattle University and his professional background includes senior accounting and treasury management roles within the aerospace and defense industries.

Alan Crowe 

Alan serves as head Sales Engineer and Production Manager. Since joining the company in 2000, Alan has worked with a wide range of medical device companies to translate their ideas and designs into high-quality medical products. Alan is a graduate of Washington State University.

Richard Parker 

Richard currently heads Finance and Administration. He joined the company in 1982 as Financial Controller and has served in senior leadership positions covering Accounting, Marketing and Operations since Dravon was a young company.

Kelly Connors 

Kelly manages the Quality Assurance team and has served in that capacity since 2013. Prior to joining Dravon, Kelly worked for Bayer Healthcare in QA, Systems Development and Research Science. Kelly is an alumna of Oregon State University and still regularly attends workshops, classes, and webinars on a variety of industry related topics.

What We Offer

Dravon Medical manufactures custom medical bags and disposable medical clamps that are used in major hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world. The company’s production facility in Clackamas, Oregon features two ISO Class 7 clean rooms used for RF-welding and sealing and various assembly and packaging-related services. These rooms are also compliant with regulatory requirements.

As an established Oregon-based medical device manufacturer, we offer premium production support to healthcare facilities, medical device distributors, and medical device manufacturers on an OEM basis. Facilities that require top notch bags for fluid containment rely on Dravon Medical to meet their daily needs. Start your medical device product development from scratch or choose from our preexisting designs to make the process easier.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality custom disposable medical bags and clamps to all our clients. Unlike many other manufacturing companies, we also offer our customers the option to have us assemble their medical devices. If you need packaging for special events and promotions or contract assembly services, we can help with that too.

Dravon Medical’s custom medical bags are used in a wide range of fluid containment applications: collection bags, blood and plasma bags, solution bags, reagent bags, and drainage bags, just to name a few. These medical-grade bags come with either one or two ports and can be further customized with tubing sets, caps, male or female line connectors, or other features necessary to meet customer requirements.

Our company also offers specially-designed “True Blue” disposable medical A-Clamps for occluding medical tubing and T-Clamps for gripping towels, drapes and sponges. When it comes to safe and reliable occluding, you can depend on Dravon Medical’s “True Blue” A-Clamp. They are commonly used for blood collection or dialysis. Our A-Clamps are ergonomically designed for efficiency and comfort during continuous use. It is not only more lightweight but also significantly more affordable than its popular metal counterpart. Offered in three colors, be sure to look out for our brand and phone number on our A-clamps to ensure that you are getting certified high-quality clamps from Dravon Medical.

Dravon Medical also offers the original, “True Blue” T-Clamp. Hospitals and other medical personnel use this clamp to secure towels, drapes, and sponges. These clamps are designed to operate only at temperatures above freezing. A special nylon formulation makes the Dravon “True Blue: T-Clamp strong yet lightweight. This inexpensive clamp costs only a fraction of its metal counterparts.

The 100% non-invasive medical device is available as sterile or non-sterile T-clamps in various packaging sizes. Choose from our start-up packages or bulk package, according to your business needs. Our original Dravon “True Blue” T-Clamps also display our brand and phone number on the handles of the device. Be sure to look out for it.

Squeeze bags are commonly used in clinics and hospitals to assist with minor procedures such as during blood donations or prior to fistula procedures. They are lightweight and typically used in health centers, doctor’s offices, health fairs and so on for promotional purposes. This is because they can also be used as an exercise device for the arms, wrist, and fingers as a replacement for rubber bulbs, which were typically used during blood donations.

Our inflatable squeeze bags are specially designed to allow for a firm grip during use. It is lightweight and easily deflates when you are done. Since they are largely used for promotional purposes, we happily offer custom message printing on the bags as an option for bulk orders. Share a message that will impact your patients in a positive way while promoting your brand. These squeeze bags are available in various order sizes with different printing options.

Our specifications and processes for your product are made to your requirements alongside our own. Your designs and tooling will be controlled with the same attention to detail and function as we maintain our own.

Our Commitment

Dravon has made a commitment to provide products and services of the highest quality to its customers, on time, every time. We will strive to accomplish this by making each employee responsible for quality workmanship through training, recognition, and by providing the best possible working environment. 

Our blood bags and medical clamps are customized specially for your facility. All our customer’s tooling and designs belong exclusively to them and will not be shared with any third party or competitor.  Additionally, we do not manufacture in-house products that compete in any way with our customers’ products. We are a medical device manufacturer with a reputation for integrity and professionalism.

Connect with us to help us take your idea from start to finish. We are a trusted medical device manufacturing company that takes confidentiality seriously. Our high-quality medical devices can help medical distributors, manufacturers and healthcare facilities take their brands to the next level.

Dravon Medical is responsive to your needs and offers prompt and courteous customer service.

Our business begins by responding to your requirements and working with you along the way to produce a quality end product.  We are a service-oriented medical device company that specializes in supporting OEM customers on a confidential basis. If you have a project or an idea, give us an opportunity to help you. 

All products are manufactured in the USA.