Custom Medical Bags

Dravon Quality. It’s in the bag!

Dravon Medical’s core engineering expertise is radiofrequency (RF) welding and assembly of high-quality medical bags. These bags are produced on a custom basis for OEMs and used in a diverse range of fluid containment and fluid management applications covering drainage collection, fluid administration, and blood and plasma handling. Some of our most popular products are collection bags, blood and plasma bags, solution bags, reagent bags, and drainage bags. Device manufacturers rely on Dravon to produce bags that feature a range of customizations, including tubing sets, caps, and male or female line connectors. Should you require additional features to meet your unique needs, Dravon Medical’s Engineering Services team stands ready to help.

True Blue A-Clamps

Occlude with confidence.

Dravon Medical offers disposable medical A-Clamps that can be used to occlude medical tubing. Two of the most common uses are in conjunction with blood collection and kidney dialysis procedures. You can always rely on our True Blue A-Clamps for safe and reliable tube occluding purposes. By leveraging a special nylon formulation assembled with an aluminum rivet, our A-Clamps are strong yet incredibly lightweight. Smooth jaws facilitate safe occluding of 1mm to 8mm tubing. Our True Blue A-Clamps offer the same functionality as metal clamps, but for a fraction of the cost.

True Blue T-Clamps

Get a grip!

Dravon Medical also offers its True Blue T-Clamp. This device is utilized in healthcare facilities to secure towels, drapes, and sponges. Just like our A-Clamps, T-Clamps are constructed from a special nylon material and aluminum rivet, which makes them strong and lightweight. Dravon Medical’s T-Clamps are available in either sterile or non-sterile options in a range of case quantities.

Contract Assembly & Packaging

Our expertise can make you better, faster.

In addition to our medical bag and clamp solutions, Dravon also provides contract assembly services to help other medical device companies meet their manufacturing needs. As an FDA-registered and ISO 13485 certified medical device company, we strive to deliver contract manufacturing solutions of the highest possible quality, on time and at competitive pricing. Over the years, Dravon Medical has acquired a strong reputation for reliability. You can always rest assured that we will go the extra mile to deliver contract manufacturing solutions that are highly cost-efficient. Exactly what you need to cut down on costs and gain a competitive edge.

What makes us stand out from the rest of the pack?

Dravon Medical is a medical device manufacturer with a well-earned reputation for delivering high quality contract manufacturing solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Dravon’s core expertise centers around Radio Frequency (RF) welding of thermoplastics, primarily for manufacturing custom medical fluid bags. Common bag types include IV bags, drainage collection bags, solution bags, blood and plasma bags, and reagent bags, just to name a few.

Dravon provides design-for-manufacturing (DFM) services, specializes in small volume production runs, and can work with non-DEHP and PVC-free materials. Dravon also produces and markets its own line of disposable medical clamps which can be found in hospitals and other healthcare facilities around the world. Our A-Clamps are used for occluding the flow of fluid through medical tubing and are used in many leading blood collection and kidney dialysis centers. Our T-Clamps are used for securing towels, drapes, and sponges.

Since 1974, Dravon has offered contract manufacturing solutions to a wide range of customers, from some of the world’s leading medical device manufacturers to small start-ups and entrepreneurs who need a trusted partner to help transform their ideas into finished medical devices. Regardless of their size, these customers rely on Dravon for delivering high quality manufacturing support at competitive prices.

Our production facility is located in Clackamas, Oregon and features two Class 10,000 clean rooms used for Radio Frequency (RF)-welding, heat sealing, assembly and packaging various medical devices. Dravon is an FDA registered medical device manufacturer and certified to the ISO 13485:2016 quality management system standard. We stand ready to help so if you need to discuss contract manufacturing support with a partner you can count on, please contact us any time at (503) 656-6600 or

Our Commitment to Quality

Dravon Medical has built a robust quality management system with an emphasis on consistent replication of excellence at its core. We make every effort to ensure our clients’ requirements and specifications are completely understood and that we align our manufacturing processes and medical device production expertise to deliver consistently high-quality performance. Our customers’ designs and tooling are controlled with the same keen attention to detail and control functions as we apply to our own products. We employ well-trained and experienced Quality Inspectors who carefully examine incoming components against their specifications before the go-ahead is given for their usage in manufacturing processes. Also, as a medical device manufacturer, our Quality Assurance Department must confirm all products manufactured in our facility meet all required specifications before their release. Dravon Medical’s Quality Management System is certified to ISO 13485:2016, which is the foundation that allows Dravon to deliver high quality solutions.
Since 1974, Dravon Medical has built a culture focused on providing its customers with quality service and reliable execution. Our considerable expertise and results-driven professionalism as a contract manufacturer have made us a highly capable medical device manufacturing company, with the capacity to serve a wide range of customers, from well-established medical device businesses to emerging companies and start-up entrepreneurs who need expert manufacturing support. Dravon Medical offers its business partners ways to cut down on operational costs and streamline product development cycles. This offers bottom line benefits, whether you’re a small enterprise with no in-house manufacturing capability or a larger firm that needs to complement existing capacity by bringing in specialized expertise and support.