Non-Invasive – Safe – Strong – Lightweight

Occlude With Confidence

When it comes to safe and reliable occluding, you can depend on Dravon’s “True Blue” A-Clamp. Smooth jaws allow for occluding 1-mm to 8-mm tubing without damage. A special nylon formulation makes the A-Clamp strong yet lightweight. Dravon’s A-Clamp is a disposable that costs only a fraction of its metal counterpart.

Trusted By Blood Collection and Dialysis Centers

Do not mistake lesser quality imitations for Dravon’s A-Clamp. Make sure you look for our name and phone number on the handle to be sure you are getting the clamp trusted by major medical facilities.

Call for a Free Sample – Toll Free: 800-654-1976 (USA or Canada) or (503) 656-6600