It’s in the Bag!

Dravon Medical’s core engineering and manufacturing expertise is Radiofrequency (RF) Welding and assembly of custom plastic medical bags. Radiofrequency welding is the process of applying alternating electric fields to dipole thermoplastic materials, which continuously flips the dipole molecules resulting in the generation of heat and melting the materials together to form a seal or joint. Rather than heating the materials directly to join them, RF welding utilizes a similar concept to microwaving food.
The benefits of RF welding are the ability to reliably produce an airtight or watertight seal, short cycles times for low cost, and it obviates the need for glues that add an additional material to the product and may contain harmful solvents. These benefits are particularly advantageous in the medical device and healthcare fields, and Dravon Medical specializes in custom bags for medical applications. Custom medical bag applications include fluid retention, waste collection, blood components, blood handling, IV bags, drug reagents, pressurized bladders, limb positioning, etc.

Dravon Medical is proud to offer two Class 7 clean rooms that are ideal for the manufacturing, assembly, and packaging of custom medical bags. Dravon has extensive expertise RF welding PVC (including phthalate-free and non-DEHP formulations), medical-grade polyurethane, and EVA materials, which are utilized in many medical bag applications. In-house engineers provide design-for-manufacturing (DFM) guidance to customers that are designing and outsourcing production of RF-welded bags. Dravon works hand-in-hand with both medical device manufacturers and design firms, and can provide input and recommendations on RF welding design considerations such as material choice, thickness, weld strength, size, bag shape including radii, dimensional stability, tool design, etc.

Dravon stands ready to manufacture prototypes as well to support the development process. All work at Dravon Medical is performed on a confidential basis, and our customer’s tooling designs belong exclusively to them. In addition to RF welding experience, Dravon has the expertise and employees to produce finished bags, including assembly with tubing and components and final packaging in our clean rooms. Dravon is your start-to-finish resource for custom medical bag needs.


What distinguishes Dravon Medical from the competition?

Our experience, focus, and willingness to work on low volume production runs is one key differentiator. Dravon specializes in providing bag assemblies for low volume and custom production runs. In addition to providing prototype bags, Dravon’s systems and employees excel at completing low volume runs. Dravon also offers off-the-shelf bag design options (Dravon-owned tools) for use by customers. This saves the investment required in tooling which can be expensive relative to a short production run and involve long-lead times.
Please see our off-the shelf bag options for more details.

Dravon Medical provides high quality custom medical bags at competitive prices. Dravon has an ISO 13485 certified quality system for the manufacture of medical devices. Dravon is experienced delivering the appropriate process qualifications, quality documentation, certifications, and traceability required for medical devices. In addition to our quality systems and documentation, we have dedicated employees that are devoted to producing (and verifying) the highest quality products. Our two Class 7 clean rooms are well-suited for the production, assembly, and packaging of high quality custom medical bags. Since the manufacturing of custom medical bags is a specialized production service, Dravon Medical is a cost-efficient option for medical device companies that want to compete in these markets. Dravon works closely with our customers, from product concept through obsolescence, to provide high quality custom medical bags for the customer, end users, and patients. Whether you are a medical device company or design firm, choose Dravon Medical for your next custom medical bag application and let us become a trusted partner.


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