Top Features of Dravon Medical’s A-Clamps and T-Clamps


Dravon Medical’s disposable A-Clamps are commonly used in dialysis centers, blood banks, and other treatment centers where safe occlusion of tubular structures, such as silicone tubing, is critical. They are trusted across the healthcare industry, known for their reliability, and used in a wide range of healthcare applications. One such application is by OEMs in the development of surgical kits.

Durable and lightweight construction

The Dravon A-Clamp is constructed from a high-strength nylon composite and provides a lightweight, low-cost, reliable occluding clamp that is both reusable and disposable.

X-ray detectable

The A-Clamp features an aluminum rivet that is radio-opaque, which means it can be detected on a radiograph. This is particularly useful during a wide variety of procedures.

Reusable medical device

The A-Clamp may be safely reused. It is compatible with autoclave sterilization and ethylene oxide sterilization, and has been tested effective up to five sterilization cycles. It may be included in both sterile and non-sterile medical device kits. Since it is an injection-molded plastic design, the A-Clamp is an inexpensive and safely disposable device.

Multiple Colors

This A-Clamp is available in three different colors including the best-selling “True Blue”, and the red and yellow alternatives. The available color options allow healthcare professionals such as nurses to organize usage by application or shift, and distinguish at a glance the exact function of the device.


Dravon Medical’s T-Clamp is used for securing drapes, towels and sponges that are used in the course of a wide range of medical procedures. This device is specifically designed to delicately, but securely clamp down on all sorts of fabrics thanks to its large, flat, and ribbed jaws. The T-Clamp can be potentially utilized in surgical kits, radiology kits and is available in sterile packs direct from Dravon.

Textured surface

The jaws of the T-Clamp incorporate a textured surface that ensures you can secure towels, sponges, and drapes effectively in order to prevent them from slipping over the course of medical procedures. Best of all, this textured surface is designed to create a firm grip on virtually all types of fabric.

Plastic and lightweight construction

Just like its sister product, the A-Clamp, the T-Clamp has been crafted from a reinforced nylon material and an aluminum rivet. This construction makes the clamp both sturdy, resistant to breaking, and lightweight. This clamp is designed for the utmost reliability during use.

X-ray detectable

This feature of Dravon Medical’s T-Clamp is helpful for both surgical and radiology kits. The T-Clamp features an aluminum rivet that is radio-opaque. This means it can be easily detected on a radiograph.

Sterilization and Re-use

The T-Clamp is compatible with both autoclave sterilization and ethylene oxide sterilization processes, and can be provided in sterile and non-sterile medical device kits. The T-Clamp is inexpensive and may be safely disposed of after use. If necessary, the T-Clamp has been validated for re-use up to four times after the initial use.

Medical Device Kits

Both the A-Clamp and T-Clamp can be included in a variety of medical kit applications including surgical procedure kits, vascular kits, radiology kits, etc. Before products are utilized in a kit, they must be verified and validated by the OEM or hospital. Dravon Medical clamps are utilized in medical centers across North America. Dravon Medical can provide design and testing information to support customer design history files and regulatory applications.