Introducing Cannula Comfort Cushions

Introducing Cannula Comfort Cushions

More than 1.5 million adults in the United States use supplemental oxygen to help treat respiratory disorders. These respiratory disorders include Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), interstitial lung diseases such as Pulmonary Fibrosis, chronic lung disease, etc. The use of home oxygen therapy can prolong life and improve the quality of life for the patient. In some cases, lives can be prolonged until a lung transplant is available to potentially cure the underlying condition. In terms of quality of life, the use of oxygen therapy can help a patient sleep better by getting more oxygen into the bloodstream, maintain an active and healthy lifestyle with more oxygen and energy for activities, and reduce the feelings of shortness of breath and breathlessness with exertion.
While therapeutic oxygen can extend and improve lives, there are multiple new life challenges that patients must overcome. Number one, there is more equipment in your life that must work and be cared for correctly. Also, the portability of oxygen (e.g. portable oxygen concentrator) outside the home for activities is an issue. Air travel with portable oxygen is definitely a major challenge. Beyond the oxygen supply itself, there are also cannula tubes that wrap around the ears and over the cheeks to supply oxygen to the nose (nasal cannulae).
Since no patient is perfectly still all day and all night, the cannula tubes will move and rub and abrade the skin over the ears and face. Sleeping on your side can press the oxygen tubing into the cheek, leaving deep lines or tube impressions in the face by morning. These deep lines can be painful and take hours to disappear. Many patients delay social outings until later in the day. Learning to live with supplemental oxygen therapy and how to mitigate these challenges is important to maintaining quality of life.

Being confident and comfortable are important aspects of having a satisfying life with family, friends, and favorite activities. Cannula Comfort Cushions were designed for exactly this purpose. Cannula Comfort Cushions were developed by a patient who suffered from Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. After the first night of sleeping with supplemental oxygen, he awoke the next morning with deep lines on his face and cheeks from the nasal oxygen cannulas. When he was not able to find an existing solution on the market, he immediately set off to solve this problem. The result of that effort is the Cannula Comfort Cushions product. The cushions increase the area of contact between the cannula tubing and the face and help prevent deep lines and indentations. In addition, the Cannula Comfort Cushions hold the tubing in place, which reduces the rubbing and abrasion of the nasal cannula against the skin. The Cannula Comfort Cushions are made from medical grade silicone, the same material as the nasal cannula tubing. They are soft, flexible, conforming, and available in one size for all faces. The cushions are easy to apply. Simply place the groove side of the Cannula Comfort Cushions under the oxygen tubing and press the cannula tubes into the grooves and wear. These cushions can also be used for mask straps when the face mask is strapped tightly around the face and head. All of these features make the Cannula Comfort Cushions comfortable and easy to use, and can lead to benefits of reduced irritation, pain, and deep pressure lines on the face.

For supplemental oxygen users, overnight use of oxygen cannula tubing can lead to painful and noticeable imprints on the cheeks and face. Cannula Comfort Cushions provide padding between the oxygen cannula tubes and the face, which reduces tube impressions, deep lines, sensitive skin, blisters, and pain. In addition, using Cannula Comfort Cushions obviates the need to wake up early to allow time for the deep lines to fade from the face. Cannula Comfort Cushions allow you to wake up and go out into the world feeling confident and pain-free.

Customers have enthusiastically shared their experiences:

  • “Sensitive skin area sometimes hurts so bad I get headaches and this (Cannula Comfort Cushions product) is working wonderfully even in the first few minutes.”
  • “She would have to get up a lot earlier than normal in order for these lines to disappear before going out”.
  • ”The first night I was able to wear your Cannula Comfort Cushions I was so pleased. Not only were they very comfortable but in the morning there were no lines or indentations of any kind on my face. I can’t tell you how pleased I am not having to deal with the embarrassing indentations.”

The Cannula Comfort Cushions are a simple and easy-to-use product, and as you can read from the testimonials, the Cannula Comfort Cushions can immediately improve your quality of life.